The Move to Shed Some Light

For those of you who have followed my blogs, first I want to say thank you. Second, you probably have realized there has not been any new blogs for a while. Hopefully that is going to change.

I wanted to write this first blog and share it to discuss why I am moving on from Nick’s Nightly Notion’s and “Shed Some Light” on why I am doing it. First, I believe I should talk about Shed Some Light, what it is, why it is and what I hope it will become.

Shed Some Light at this moment is a candle production company I was able to start with a group of incredible friends. As a company we collect old beer, liquor and wine bottles either found around campus or donated to us from friends and family. (We have picked up now over 400 bottles from campus!) We turn these used bottles into candles in a variety of fragrances. When we sell them a portion of the proceeds is split between two charities, these being: Brain and Behavior Research Foundation & The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

We have not donated yet, to be completely honest, we want each check to be over $1,000 when they cash our first donation. We hope and fully expect that to happen by the end of 2019, which will allow for greater goals in 2020. While making candles and saving money for donations has been great fun; it is not enough. My goal for SSL is to create a holistic approach to uproot and destroy the many stigmas around mental health and suicide in our world today.

This is why I have moved my blog’s over. I hope to create a forum that allows for people to write their own stories surrounding mental health and suicide. I want people to express their struggles, while also highlighting their triumphs. I recently read a fact in a People Magazine ( I did not even know they still had facts in magazines) that each suicide affects 135 people on average, not just immediate family and close friends. People may not understand exactly how YOU feel but that does not mean they do not feel at all.

I want to continue writing about triumphs and falls that I have had, whether from my constant battle with anxiety and depression or with the suicide of my Dad. But, I also want to create an avenue for people to open up, whether anonymously or not. Write their stories, lament death, celebrate finding light in darkness, openly say they do not have an freaking clue what they’re doing in life sometimes.

The more honest you are with the people around you, the more honest they will become with you. Hopefully then we can see that we as individuals are not the only one’s scared out of our minds half the time.

With that said, if you would like to write a story that you would like to be published, email us at or reach out to me personally if you have my contact information.

Signing off for now,


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