A Letter to Dad

A letter to Dad,

On this fathers Day, this first without mine, I wanted to write a note about how my father acted. How I hope to act, and just some general feelings. I don’t know if this is a letter or a poem but some of it should rhyme. I hope

Dad I want to thank you,

But I don’t know where to start,

You could light up a room with a smile

Or clear it with a fart

I want to thank you for the gift of life

Which I cherish every day

Dad I want to thank you

But I don’t know what to say

You never let me go to bed mad

But you were stern when I was bad

I thank you for the way you treated others

And the way you always treated my mother

You know we will always take care of Mom

The most important woman in your life

Dad I want to thank you for choosing an amazing wife

We moved around a lot as kids

But we didn’t notice a whole lot

We filled the house with love

No matter where you bought

You always came home happy

No matter what happened that day

You always said goodnight

Every time we would lay

Dad I want to thank you for your values and your ways

Dad I want to hug you every single day

I can’t tell you what you meant to me

And how you impacted who I’ve become

Dad if I’m lucky, maybe you’ll hear some

Dad I want to thank you

But never say goodbye

I hope to be just like you

At least I promise I will try

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