Taking off

When we go somewhere by plane there’s usually a few things that go into getting there. Starting with buying tickets, hotel, and any other amenities can be stressful, but the real stress starts the 24 hours beforehand and until you are home in your bed again(let’s be real). The stress can cause angst and worry about wether your kids are going to misplace their passports or tickets, the weather may delay your flight, or that damn close connection that you thought was a great idea when booking because you saved $1 on your flight moving it closer together. Well my first bit of advice is to take a deep breath, no one can control the uncontrollable, so don’t try to or you’ll drive yourself crazy. Second take precautions, but once again if for some reason your kid loses their ticket, it’s not the end of the world, and by god do not take your stress out on them, all that teaches them is that it’s okay to be reckless less with your anger & stress. Be that shining star while traveling, let someone go in front of you that is in a rush(you’re all taking the same plane anyway), hold the door, or offer to help someone out who needs it. When others are happy while traveling then you’re happier, it’s the true solution to stress free traveling. So as I take off for NYC, mom I’m supposed to tell you that an old woman says thank you for raising a child who doesn’t act like chivalry is dead since I let her go in front of me. But chivalry is dead it’s time for humanity to take over and all of us to start treating each other like we are- HUMANS!

-Matt Best

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