Opportunity is in the air; Seize it!

These past few days I was lucky enough to spend in NYC, learning all about HBO’s brand, marketing, and also Riddle & Bloom (the marketing agency that is contracted by HBO). Aside from delays and missed flights both ways, of which I managed to make the most out of. I was able to immerse my self in one of the most progressive media companies in the US. I was able to learn about how to market to and attract customers in different cultures or how to use satire as an advantage while marketing! All of these were because my conversation I had with my brothers roommate Ricky, after he told me about his brand ambassador positions for Amazon and many other brands. So I applied for the Amazon one and waited, until one day I got my interview! It went great, but I never ended up hearing back. I moved on from it and keep my head up, but then without expecting it, they reached out with the opportunity for an interview with the HBO program. I was elated, so I told them that I was +6 hours ahead in Germany, but I’d love to find a time that works. Well the interview was mostly spent talking about studying abroad due to the interviewer also having spent time abroad, but by the end I was moved forward in the hiring process. So, you may be asking yourself, why is this kid sitting here bragging about his success, I’m not; I’m trying to explain that if you just keep your mind set on your goals and you attack them promptly and consistently you will not only achieve them, but you will then thrive in the new life you’ve created for yourself. I can say, as of right now; I’m thriving baby!

-Matt Best

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