Why I Joke About Mental Health

Mental health is not a joking subject. It is just not. We lost almost 50,000 Americans alone in 2018 to suicide. My Dad was one of those. I still cannot believe it sometimes, if you knew my Dad you would understand what I mean. Sure he could have “been killed by Big Pharma” or “the government” I know that runs through peoples minds, it has run through mine, but why are we so quick to dismiss mental health and look for other reasons for death.

The reason that I joke about mental health is because it is the easiest way to actually bring it to the forefront of peoples minds. Whether on twitter or in person, people are scared to discuss mental health problems because often times their mental health can revolve around what people think of them.

By making these jokes, not about the symptoms or illnesses themselves but rather the aura around them we can truly begin to open up about these issues. I want people to know that I am an ally for any and all people struggling with mental health. I am not a psychiatrist nor do I have any medical background. But I have two ears and will listen to anybody who is willing to talk.

Suicide is not going to go away, neither will mental health problems ranging from depression to bi- polar disorder to schizophrenia. We can hope that we make advances in the medicines and treatments of these illnesses but that is not all we can do. We can band together, be willing to talk about our own pitfalls. Be willing to listen to others. And every once in a while when you’re scared to talk about it….

Make a Joke about Mental Health

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