How did I get here

“And now back to How did I get here, the only show that makes you ask your self “How did I get here?!)”

Well I guess I should start with where is here, here is a hotel in Denver that is way out of my price range (thanks Hotwire) getting snooty stares every time I walk in and out with one of my thrift shop outfit. I’m sitting in my room in front of my newly bought laptop, listening to my new AirPods on my new iPhone. Sounds nice right? Well theres always to sides to every story. I also find myself single for the first time in 8 years, resigned from my job yesterday, and have a number of close friends and family members blocked on my social media and phone currently. Sounds bad right? Well again not exactly.

I now find myself free from all duties and expectations of others and a real chance to chase life and pursue my dream, which as you’ll learn will be ever evolving. But currently as it stands is I want to travel, meet new people, blog, make people laugh, make people question their thinking and the true mission as of now is to raise money and awareness for Bipolar Disorder Research, Suicide prevention as well as Mental Health and to combat Alcoholism in the Native American community.

There is a lot to get cover from my past but I won’t be doing that now. Now I’m focusing on my clearing my head, seeing friends and getting organized. My next move is still TBD, but I’d like to bus around the country creating content. Nothing inspired me more than the way Jack Kerouac, Mark Twain, Hunter S Thompson, Ernest Hemingway and so many more was their ability to get the true heart beat of not only America during their time but of a generation that feels lost.

So from here most likely up to Seattle and down to LA with plenty of stops, motels and couch surfing on the way. I’ve never been to LA and I wanted to see exactly how I want to do this media thing and not become like some in entertainment before me. Then head home and reorganize.

Business plan, Social media accounts, Website and content will come out on the way.

As of now I’m still getting equipment and making plans. If you believe in this a mission and want to help currently although ,I am in a fine financial position, just to get my mom off my back donations would be best. I will be coming out with positions and other help I will need as I get settled.

As of now I don’t want to just ask for money with nothing in return so I have a few ideas. 25% of all donations will go to a charity of your choosing or all 3 automatically. And a few level you can reach if you want:

(**please read** if you are not in a good position to donate but want to just let me know, we can figure something out. Also if you disagree with anything I do or I provoke your anxiety or you just not sure what the fuck is going on there will be more fundraising options soon) *funds will be focused on equipment I need, living expenses, and to be completely honest with you probably a decent bit of alcohol and weed. I promise not to be a glutton but I want you all to know.

Also if theres one thing I know how to do is hustle so don’t worry to much about me finding money making opportunities.

$25-shout out especially if something reminds me of you

$50- A thrift outfit built based on how I see your personality

$75 a real gift that reminds me of you

$100 hand written post cards from towns I stay in more than 3 nights

$200+ plus all the above and a lifetime subscription to my Patereon when it comes out.

As of now I’m still running by the seed of my pants and need to clear my head but I’m weirdly focused, I have an unruly amount of passion, and a bunch of unique circumstances that I think will ultimately lead to this thing succeed and I would love that

I will be doing daily blog post starting tomorrow to go through the the past day, have some other blogs that pop into my head, but if you want the most content follow me on

Snapchat- sheddin_mylight

Best way to contact me:

How to donate:

*make sure to include what you want from prizes and where you want donations to go”

Venmo or Cash app:


I cannot thank you guys for all the support, the content ideas and for being the amazing people you are.

As Hunter S Thompson said “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride”

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