What’s next?

What’s next?

A question I’m sure everyone and myself are asking. Right now honestly I can’t say for sure because I’m sure it will change I’m just going for it at this point.

My mission for Shed Your Light:

Create a website and community of people that are accepting, looking to learn, grow and show off passions of their own. I want it to be a grassroots movement not focused on chasing the dollar but chasing life. All I care about is passion and when you got it you got it. Speaking of if anyone wants to email with a presentation anyway they want talking about a passion project for them.

I need to legitimize the business more, probably a lawyer, an accountant ect, along with that I will need people who can help out in other ways.

Organization, social media that’s not mine, mentors ect, I will be reaching out to people that come to mind but feel free to reach out to me.

As far as working with others, for content creating I cannot promise you payment at first and I know I probably won’t be able to pay you what your worth for a while but you will have a chance to earn.

As far an people who want to help with editing, organization and helping the business grow, I will be paying anyone who helps out, it will probably be like $10 an hour but I can’t have you do busy work for me I don’t want to do and not pay you

Finally, If you didn’t read last night financially, I am in a good spot, work is helping me out for a month, I have savings, but I just think if I sell anymore mutual fund shares both my mom and Charles Schwab himself are not going to be happy. If you want something like a shout out, or a content idea you want me to try out let me know with any donation:

Cash app-$shedyourlightllc

Venmo- @ sheddin_mylight

As far as content ideas are constantly popping up but just for an idea:

Day in the life – for jobs and colleges so people can get an honest view before they make a huge decision

Health/fitness/ self care- nutrition and workout plans, meditation, yoga ect

For businesses- reviews, advertising and sponsorships of things that I like and would use whether they sponsored me or not. I’m not chasing any sort of bag I just want to be me.

Best Place to Live- cities in review, visit and give honest reviews of major cities in the United States maybe long term elsewhere

As far as the business plan-

Right now I’m just going after it, I know long term I’ll have to get organized but as of now this has been working out for me. But some ideas

A barstool like community feel mixed with a Pateron / only fans subscription model.

Training of media members, if you’re passionate about media but maybe don’t have the resume or skills yet to get the job you want. Take a chance on Shed your light and we’ll take a chance on you, market you for free and whenever you’re ready to take your next step we’ll be happy to help

Agency- along with training also starting an agency company to help people in media stop getting ducked over all the time.

Next steps today- create the rest of my social media accounts and promote those, blog about my experience so far in Denver and just to enjoy myself.

Feel free to reach out, just know responding is not my top priority but I will get back to you.

Snapchat- sheddin_mylight


Email – shedyourlightbiz@gmail.com

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