Rolling Out Content

So I wanted to get a little introduction at some of the content I will be rolling out and what you guys can start to expect from me. If you havent gotten this by now, just know, everything is always subject to change. If there is a piece of content you really like that seemingly goes away just let me know.


Morning Motivation – Expect me to take a quote or a subject and discuss it in some way that hopefully helps you to take on your day with a clear picture of what you want out of your day.

Midday Mindfulness- Similar to Motivation but hopefully as things start to pile up during the day it will be a reminder that at any point you can find the eye inside of the hurricane if you are willing to take a second to find it.

Nicks Nightly Notions- Where it all started and coming back- this will be a wild card, it could be a rant from something that happened that day, just a stoned shower thought, basically this will be my journal that will be public to the world. Good thing about me is I wont hold back because of that fact

Instagram dump- Now that my camera is up and running I will be uploading my favorite 10 pictures of the day

Weekly or TBD-

Oh Knowledgeable Nick- This will be like a Ask Amy, any time you think of any question to ask just hit me up on snapchat, Ill take some of my favorite each week and post a poll to see which one I take on

Movie/Album/City Review- This will be another thing that will usually come down to what the audience wants unless of course I go to see a new city, movie or album on my own that I am very excited about

Shed Your Light updates- I want this company to be very transparent, like I said, I do not care about the money anymore, if this is successful great, if I can make 40k a year from it and survive and travel, perfect, people are always afraid that someone is pulling a sheet over their eyes. I want to make it very clear, this is not a business where I am afraid of someone “taking my ideas” I know that no one has the obsession and vision I have in this field.

Summary- Not all of these are going to come out at once and as i said are subject to change. Just wanted to let you guys know what to be expecting outside of just snapchat]

Keep on keeping on,


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