The Wise Man at the Top of the Mountain

The curtains are closing on this show of life,

I did a bunch, good friends, good job

Most importantly a beautiful wife

But they have mostly left me now

Passed on or finding their own path

I look back on my memories

On my moments of strife

When I chose to chase life

Or the moments of shame

The moments of doubt

Thinking about the times I quit

It makes me want to shout

But maybe I can make it up

Maybe there is still time

An old man sits on the mountain top

His head is filled with wit

Maybe he can help me

I must at least have a go at it

Off to find a a ski lift

To take me to the top

I just can’t wait anymore

I just can’t stop

But the line is so long

I am never going to make it

I wish I could climb the mountain

But I am to old my muscles may ache

Shit, why did I not think of it earlier

Why did I wait until now

If I could of done it when I was younger

But I didn’t know how

My friend did once ask me

If I would take the climb

But I didn’t understand then

I couldn’t see the reason or the rhyme

I wish I could go back

To change the past, rewrite the years

But instead it’s just me here

Coming to terms with what I couldn’t do

Realizing it was my fears

My doubts that stood in the way

If anyone else believed in me

Why didn’t they just say

They start rolling the tears

Like a cold sweat on my face

A nightmare you cannot wake up from

Your choices you must face

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