Nomad Inc – A Hostel of Higher Learning

“Why be a venture capitalist when you can be an adventure communist”

Do you ever feel like you are not supposed to be here? Not like you want to die but maybe you do not want to be in the job your in, the city your in, the major your in or the career path your going down. Climbing the ladder but feel like you’re going nowhere? In college “getting a degree” but feel like your wasting your time and your parents money because you have no idea what to do with what you’re learning. Do you consider yourself a free thinker? Someone who wants to maybe start a business? Or maybe change the world one way or another? Wish you could meet other people who felt like you? Well do I have the opportunity for you.

I am looking for a 50/50 mix of males and females(or non gendered) of either 12-24 people. People who have also felt a little out of place even if no one else ever would have an idea. Free thinkers that want to look for universal truth together. Want to gain the skills that you cannot find in a School or in any entry level job.

There will most likely be two groups. A two month group and a 6 month group. I have not done the math yet but it will most likely be like $5000 for 2 months – $10000 for 6 or maybe way less. I actually do not know

Do not worry about price tag, situation and passion to be here will play a role and payment plans will be possible and we will be working with small business to fill paid roles as well as also have the opportunity to make money from jobs and products created within the commune.

I am looking for jacks and jills of all trades. Specialized but quick learners willing to take one for the team. We will need people in charge of gardening, taking care of live stock, house keeping, librarian, fitness and yoga teachers, you get the point

I am going to sleep soon but I would like to post this now, I will continue with ways to be entered into the sweepstakes to possibly be invited. It will include following and sharing shed your light media accounts, filling out a survey I make at some point and creating a video on why you should be chosen.

Keep on keeping on,


One thought on “Nomad Inc – A Hostel of Higher Learning

  1. You would make a great psychologist. Maybe you could work on that with blogging. It’s never hurts to have multiple degrees. You could really help others and yourself in that profession.

    It helps me to reach my goals when I cut down in alcohol and feel all my emotions.

    Good luck☘️

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