The International Midwestern Man

I Volunteer as Tribute-

Vonnegut quote about becoming authors in Indiana.

We’ll two conversations I had, one with Kyle Thompson and one with Cade Gergye, although both short in duration lead me to my realization that I am not running away from my Midwestern brothers and sisters but actually taking the nomadic route to preach the word of the Midwestern man. I lived most of my life in Ohio, other than about 5 moves before first grade. My mom is from Columbus, my Dad is from Erie and I am from Cleveland. If that isn’t Midwest I don’t know what is.

I have never wanted to leave those who both raised me and grew up with me behind. It is more so I cannot take you with me. There is no greater man in the world right now that I have been so influenced by and inspired by than those of the Midwest. Specifically in blue collar cities like Cleveland and Pittsburgh. There is something in the water or the genetics but people are more honest, grittier, funnier and more humble and kind than I have met any where else on my travels.

It was with my luck that I got to spend so much time in the Midwest, was given a Midwestern education, both inside and outside of the school. Created more friends I would die for than I am comfortable saying. I can’t get over it, I fucking love you guys and what all of you have helped me become.

My only problem truly comes with the fact that no matter how much I love the people or the culture around me, people simply bore me, there is so much going on in front of their eyes they allow to just pass by without noticing. Although I love my Midwestern education the more I travel the more I see how much there is to continue to learn.

While I’m gone just carry on, no more rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice. But just remember, as I messaged Cade earlier, I preach the word of the Midwestern man and sing our praises across the sea, up the mountain through the canyon and with the stream.

I will continue to sing all of your praises whether you see me as worth your praise.

Keep on keeping on,


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