City Reviews – Denver Edition

American City Reviews. The New Lost City of Denver

*Preface: I am making these reviews based on limited time in any area I review, as Socrates always said “The only thing I know is I know nothing” Do not get your panties in a bunch if you love said city and I did not or if you hated some city that I was blown away by.

              What a weird weird city. I have never experience like it, it was almost like a city looking in a fun house mirror. You were not really sure what they were going for and if they blindfolded you and dropped you in the middle of downtown it would take you like 15 minutes before you had any idea where you were. You can not see any of the landscape and mountains while you are the city and they have a amusement park attached to the city. Like bro, You’re not Sandusky, You’re supposed to be Denver. And of course with all of the new people coming, it loses a little of its touch.

              A city both sold and scene as a town that still held on to a little bit of the wild west, not as soft its weed smoking brothers and sisters on the West Coast but not nearly as closed minded as those they left in the East on their way out West. Hippies and Cowboys, a place where you can live in a big city but feel as though you are in a mountain town.

              This is not how I felt at all, you can not find a local that has lived in Denver for more than 5 years Downtown, unless maybe they are your uber driver and at that point they will tell your frustrations with the homeless population and the soon would be homeless population after the legalization and mass commercialization of it left Denver in a spot that was to slow to catch up with its own growth.

              It is a revolving door of lost souls looking for themselves and finding an empty bank account in the end or mostly rich kids spending daddies money to party in the mountains for four years before going back to their respective lives. What Denver needs is jobs and to recreate the city in one direction or another, are you a tourist town? Are you here for job growth and city growth? Why does it feel like you are building by the seat of your pants and the city incorporates none of the surrounding beauty. Create jobs and programs so that people can get a seat in your parks so they are not filled with the homeless ( BTW I have nothing against those that are homelessness, I understand ways that can lead to that path, its chronic homnelessness that is the lack of help from the government and others and more than anything a lack in faith in the person themselves things can get better)

              Okay I am sorry about the rant, Denver is a cool city filled with cool people and things to do. I just think it is so overhyped and was convinced that I needed to move their before ever actually seeing it. The best part I saw of Denver was getting out to the suburbs to see my buddy, all of the sudden, beauty surrounded me, small lake, grand mountains, and rolling hills of wildflower pretty enough to survive in the dry conditions.

              I am sure by living there, being in a better mental condition at the time and also traveling more outside the downtown area my view would and because I know I will comeback and spend a decent amount more time there, will change. I just guess I was shocked by the classic marketing mistake of over selling and under delivering. I know had I gone to Red Rocks or been there during ski season or whatever, but that’s my views on Denver, it needs to figure out a direction and go after it. I do not think going backwards would be the wrong idea to start and get back to their roots.

Finally, I think I should say I still think Denver is an awesome city, I think unbelievable people are there, I think 

Keep on keeping on – N.m.B

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