Read This First- Speaking Engagements

Hello all,

If you have been keeping up with me on snapchat, first off thank you, second off you know that I am making my way back to Ohio for a short duration of probably 6-10 weeks. During this time along with trying to work to pay off some debt and get a base going for not only my future travels but to start ,my business.

Another thing you know if you have been following me is I do not want this company to be built off some viral tik tok or tweet, grass roots and organic I believe is the only way to create a movement worth being apart of, with that said, I am going to do my best to hopefully do my first speaking engagement Saturday September 11th at Bay High School (First off what a shit date, we will have a moment of silence or whatever is most respectful, second no one at Bay High knows about this but I just hit up Ronnie Rutt and going to try to create a fundraiser for the football team or whatever works best).

I will have one for families and members of all ages but still probably better to err on the side of caution cause my filter sucks especially if I get going. Tickets will be free for entry but there will most likely be food for a fundraiser and if other local businesses would want to try and put together like a ramshack version of our old Relay For Lifes that used to be so fun. I also will most likely have merch available and proceeds from that will go towards starting my business as well as donations to a few charities that I will research for this week.

My talks will focus on what I have learned since leaving the bubble of Bay Village, my struggles with mental health, the journey and recovery of being a suicide survivor, some things I have learned from my travels and media I have consumed as well as a discussion of what my vision of Shed Your Light is. Hopefully we can find a place to all get together after and I can do a non formal Q and A and any parent that ever wanted to see what it was like to get high but was to scared of getting judge this is my open invite to get smoked out. ( if your job is dependent on drug tests do not be a dumbass)

More details will come together in the coming days when I am in Portland and on my trip back to Ohio by amtrak but as of now I am absolutely exhausted and have spent the past 3 days in Oahu homeless sleeping on the beach so I am to tired to continue. I fucking love you guys, Im gonna get really high and listen to good music and get really good sleep so I may not be up till late tomorrow. If you wish to reach out please do my phone number is now 614-600-4539, I do not check my email enough but if it is business related reach out to

Finally if you would like to follow along with more content add me as a friend on snapchat @sheddin_mylight

keep on keepin on,


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