Shed Your Light Lean Business Plan

Text Box: This example business plan is provided by the Small Business Administration.
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Shed Your Light LLC
Identity A growing conglomerate of businesses created to make the world a better place.Problem Even as we increase medication and therapy accessibility we continue to lose the battle with loss of community and battle with mental health. Suicide, homelessness, mental health addiction and overdoses are at some of their greatest highs of all time, yet our economy is doing fine
Our solution Create internally and partner with companies with similar values but different missions than our own. Create a group of ethical businesses to have more buying power together.Target market Anyone who has every struggled with their mental health, felt lost, lost someone to suicided, addiction, ect, if you want to learn more about mental health or buy locally and with a purpose
The competition “The man” The 1% who will be afraid of being exposed for their unethical business practices and may be interrupted by real journalism and ethical business practices.Revenue streams Merch Speaking Engagements Youtube Twitch Podcasts Patreon OnlyFans
Marketing activities Social media Grass roots and guerrilla marketing Speaking Engagements Word Of mouthExpenses Travel- Office spaceLiving ExpensesEmployees? Building ExpensesWebsite Design
Team and key roles -Currently I am the only team member as I do not have the organization to efficiently give out roles but this will changeMilestones- As business becomes profitable we will be a value and mission driven growth company. We will continue to create and innovate the world around us to our liking

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