Act like you’ve been there before Cleveland

Stop being assholes now that the browns are good, you don’t need to punch up anymore

Okay Cleveland, this is gonna piss you off but you have to know the truth, I was born and will die a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I don’t watch tv much neither did my dad, we’d prefer reading, but we always made time for the Steelers. At first you may want to boo me and I get that, you’re defensive because people have been taking shots at you so long, believe me I get that more than you need to know.

But stop talking shit to the opposing fans. Stop shaming people for wearing anything but orange and brown, Cleveland is a melting pot, Cleveland is a beach town, Cleveland is a Mecca in my eyes, someone once called it the mistake on the lake and to that guy I say “thank you, it will be the greatest mistake ever made”

Invite people who want to come here, Big daddy lebron isn’t coming back and even if he does he’s always been about lebron first. Let’s all become Jordan and Kobe’s, game respect game, I love you guys

Keep on keeping on

Mack Hale

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