People take me seriously when I joke but think it’s a joke when im serious but

I’m as serious as Suicide

I am running for mayor of Cleveland Ohio. I know everyone thinks that’s crazy, but I just need a goal and a due date for and I can accomplish anything. I do think I’ll be a good mayor, I’ve been through some shit and have spent a lot of time with other people “in the mud” I just got out of a psych ward last week.

I have no doubt I’ll be successful, I respect the other candidates, but they’ll underestimate me, I have no qualms and I am only looking to hold h to r position for one term to try to make a difference at home before I go see the world.

I’ve been gone for 5 years, finding my way, becoming a man, and learning how to be a listener and a leader and someone who can connect with and actually help others. I don’t know what brought me up this weekend. I had tickets to Eric Church inColumbus but those were given away when I was in the psych ward.

What I’m trying to say in I need your help, all of you, talk to me, how can we make this city the city we all tell our friends about when we leave Cleveland. I would be honored to be considered as your vote for mayor. If it doesn’t work out I don’t blame you. I will continue to find ways to fight for the poor and oppressed and making everywhere I go a little bit better than it was before.

Keep on Keepin on,


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