Stop thinking mental illness is a bad thing

There is so much power in us Empaths, the reason you struggle with mental health has to do with two things, genetics and cognitive dissonance. You want to leave your job, you want to travel the world, you want to start a company. But then you must be manic

Or you question the whys in life, you listen to sad music, you’re not ready to drink with everyone else each weekend 3 nights a week, we’ll then you must be depressed

Think no one understands you, everyone around you seems so fake don’t they, they just don’t fuckin get it, they don’t understand what you’ve been through so fuck them if they don’t like me- that’s anxiety and anger

Then drug companies and mental health institutions treat you like a goddamn child and try to take away your right to be a full functioning human and everyone else is jealous so they tell you your crazy and they’re basically just trying to keep the secret from you Well I’ll tell you the secret right here… ready?

Be you, don’t apologize, don’t explain yourself, love deeply and appreciate other points of views, become a student of the world not a student of some CEO who wants to live vicariously through you. You have to go and be the ceo of your own life. That’s the key to happiness, is forcing it on the world around you.

Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.- Anthony Burgess

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