Dark and Getting Darker

Its that time of the year again. Coming up on day light savings time. Days get darker the night seems to never end. The cold keeps you inside more. Even for those of you who do not suffer from seasonal depression can understand this. Energy levels lower and human form of hibernation starts especially with the food that comes out around the holidays. Do not get me wrong it’s not all bad but I as humans we have to focus on ways to make the winter and holiday season a little less depressing.

First off start appreciating the little things. I have always struggled with this. In my brain is a constant frown whispering sweet nothingness about how everything sucks or it is just stupid. We have to learn to fight back against that grimace. I have absolutely loved and for the first time in a long time the Halloween decorations around my neighborhood. The little spiders and webs. The jack o lanterns. Or the autumn scent in a candle that is wafting around the room when I first walk in. It is easy to get caught up in all the “bad” or “important” things in our world that we forget to be grateful for the little things.

I also think it is a very important time to start to make plans. When you have nothing else to do but sit around and talk with people you may as well. Way to often I ask people what they have coming up in their life and they drown me in the challenges coming up or tell me they have no plans. Believe me and especially if you know me you know I love being a bit impulsive, sometimes maybe to impulsive, but it is important to plan. Find sometime to get a vacation going in January or February when the cold is unbearable. Whenever you feel down call whoever you are planning to go with and talk about all the things you can do and at the end of the day you do not even have to do any of these things but at least you are tricking your brain enough to put a smile on your face. Same goes for weekend plans, talk about going to a pumpkin patch. Talk about sledding when we get to that put. Talk about making hot cocoa and a little hot cider with whiskey if that is your thing.

Finally and probably most importantly get comfortable being uncomfortable. When I look through my life and remember the best times I have ever had its almost always after doing something I did not want to do at first. Just because its cold out does not mean you shouldn’t take a walk, I know you have a coat and probably boots too, I also know that when it gets cold its easier to isolate yourself. We make a million and a half excuses of why we shouldn’t make our way over to a gathering of friends. “It probably won’t be that fun anyway”, “We could just stay in like we’ve done the past 4 weekends in a row and rewatch that show for the 10th time” “What if I catch a cold”. I’ve heard them all and used them myself. I am not saying its not nice to sometimes take a break and kick back on the couch and relax. What I am saying is you are not a bear or a squirrel. Stop thinking that you have to hid from everything that could possibly, maybe, it could go wrong because what if it goes right.

So lets decide as a group to appreciate the little things, start planning and learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable this year. Just because it’s getting darker does not mean our lives have to become duller. Work together. Reach out to your friends. Enjoy the hear and now and let me be the first to tell all of you Happy Holiday season lets make it the best one we have ever had.

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