Nicks Nightly Notions

The International Midwestern Man

I Volunteer as Tribute- Vonnegut quote about becoming authors in Indiana. We’ll two conversations I had, one with Kyle Thompson and one with Cade Gergye, although both short in duration lead me to my realization that I am not running away from my Midwestern brothers and sisters but actually taking the nomadic route to preach […]

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Why I do What I do

I was blessed to be sent an unbelievable text from my great friend and consistent inspiration Colin Maddock. The text was not unbelievable because he sung my praises. Or told me he supported me. Or told me how cool it was I what I was doing. I think he sent me a text like that […]

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Aloha, Fuckers

An ode to an introduction by I believe, Larry the Cable Guy, I almost pissed myself laughing when he walked on stage and said “whats up fuckers” in 8th grade. I hope that it made you laugh as well. Well finally, I am settling down, in Hawaii how crazy is that? I do not believe […]

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Rolling Out Content

So I wanted to get a little introduction at some of the content I will be rolling out and what you guys can start to expect from me. If you havent gotten this by now, just know, everything is always subject to change. If there is a piece of content you really like that seemingly […]

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What’s next?

What’s next? A question I’m sure everyone and myself are asking. Right now honestly I can’t say for sure because I’m sure it will change I’m just going for it at this point. My mission for Shed Your Light: Create a website and community of people that are accepting, looking to learn, grow and show […]

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How did I get here “And now back to How did I get here, the only show that makes you ask your self “How did I get here?!)” Well I guess I should start with where is here, here is a hotel in Denver that is way out of my price range (thanks Hotwire) getting […]