Taking off

When we go somewhere by plane there’s usually a few things that go into getting there. Starting with buying tickets, hotel, and any other amenities can be stressful, but the real stress starts the 24 hours beforehand and until you are home in your bed again(let’s be real). The stress can cause angst and worry […]

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Hello? Hello!

Ever notice how when you are walking towards someone, both you and the other person look up, down, or even at your phone? Usually your interaction is based on your mood, personality, and also your relationship- At first, saying hi may seem scary, but it is the same as with fish, most times they are […]

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Why discuss Mental health?

If there was a disease or virus which had the same devastating effects on people as mental health does, it would be much bigger news than Donald Trump’s newest tweet! Instead we treat the discussion of mental health the same as we did communism during the heart of the cold War; some type of pseudo-McCarthyism […]

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Banjo Bickering’s

Well, yesterday I bought my first musical instrument, a banjo! This was inspired after I was given the chance by a man in Augsburg named Andy to play his banjo which was his “baby”, of course this was only after I sang a song for him while he played a tune on his banjo with […]

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Criticizing the butterfly

At times I feel like a butterfly, going from place, person, or thing and interacting with it/them. Mostly I love people’ I love connecting with people on various levels which can lead to fruitful relationships down the road. One way I would challenge this positive quality is to give more respect to my perspective flower […]

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Dear Matt, Thank you!

You have earned this thank you, yes from yourself, for trusting the process, keeping your head up, and relinquishing the toxic anger that was filling up my body the past few days. Instead of ignoring those closest to me I took their advice and listened to every word, because those were words of love. Their […]

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Patience as a virtue

Wow! Discharge day; what a great day to be alive! At first you would crush yourself, by convincing yourself that you were discharging the next day. Well each morning, sadness ensued when you realized that the only one expecting or planning on discharging that day was you! It wasn’t until my Persian friend asked me, […]

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